In Physiomed SC will focus our efforts to reinstate his daily activities and / or sports specialty, always guarded by Graduates Professionals in each of their areas.

❱ Prevention, Diagnosis and Management Speciality Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
❱ Evaluation protocol for prevention, rehabilitation and reintegration from a professional of Physiotherapy
❱ Sports Nutrition
❱ Training programs and / or individualized fitness
❱ Sports Medical Check up
❱ Ratings pre and post competition
❱ Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy by professionals graduate in Rehabilitation, Physical Activity and Sports


Because your body is the most important piece of the team

Physiomed has enjoyed the confidence of professional teams and athletes of the town and is now the rehabilitation clinic of the champions soccer team 2012, Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente.


Treatment for pain and injury

❱ Back and Neck Pain
❱ Hip pain, knee and ankle
❱ Repetitive Sports Injuries
❱ Injuries by accidents

If you are suffering from a new injury or a chronic injury, our rehabilitation experts and physical therapy can help. Develop a passive and active care plan to improve their mobility, flexibility and stability, and we will prevent future injuries, combining medical expertise with physiotherapy. We will work with you to get a quick and effective rehabilitation to make you feel much better and can resume your activities.


Increased athletic performance

❱ Soccer
❱ Cycling
❱ Baseball
❱ Basketball

No matter what your favorite sport but your body is the most important piece of the team.

Rehabilitation and physical therapy helps to improve your health so that your body reach its full potential.

We developed a focused treatments combine to strengthen and stabilize weak areas suffering pain and dysfunction.


Preventive Health and Weight Control

❱ Weight Control
❱ Preventive medical care
❱ pediatric health
❱ Health pre / post natal

Let the Physiomed SC expert team help you achieve your health goals and weight. We offer weight management programs that combine improved nutritional advice and ongoing monitoring for effective long-term results. We also work with children, pregnant women and people of all ages to take proactive measures to strengthen, injury prevention and improve their long term health.